Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing in English (ADCW)
The unique program will:
  • Encourage learners to identify the source of their creative selves.
  • Assist them to develop and give a direction to their potential.
  • Introduce them to the finest examples of the imaginative written word in various applications.
  • Engage them in specially designed reading and writing exercises.
  • Aid them in choosing their preferred form of creative expression.
  • Guide them in completing a well-honed project that can be marketed or used as a sample in order to obtain writing commissions.
  • Open new vistas for them in the electronic and print media.
  • Give a vent to their creative thinking and writing.
  • Make them dwell in the realm of imagination and bring out the fascinating insights through writing
Code 1st Semester Code 2nd Semester
11.255.00 Sources of Creativity 11.258.00 Basic Techniques of Creative Writing
11.256.00 Preparatory Practices 11.259.00 Selection of Creative Forms
11.257.00 Introduction to Creative Forms of Writing 11.289.00 Project Development and Presentation
11.260.00 Submission-I 11.272.00 Submission-II

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