Corporate - PGDBA

SCDL’s integrated learning methodology goes beyond facts and theories, it is a process that teaches individuals not only how to manage organizations, but also how to continually grow and learn throughout life.
The C-PGDBA curriculum builds a foundation of business savvy knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed. During the first two semesters, all students pursue common subjects. The third semester covers subjects, specific to a particular specialization.
The curriculum enables students to master the fundamentals of management principles, latest theories and best practices in business. Students are prepared to face a challenging market by getting knowledge of accounts and finance, learning about HR functions, the current market trends and also IT skills to compete in today’s IT savvy world. The students are also made aware of various laws pertaining to business and economics. Lastly, the package is complete with business communication which helps students in creating an impact in this competitive world.

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Duration and Registration Validity 
The duration of the C-PGDBA program is of 18 months, additional 6 months are given as grace period, accordingly the registration validity would be for two years.
Code 1st Semester Code 2nd Semester
11.101.01 Principles & Practices of Management 11.107.02 Production / Operations Management
11.102.01 Organizational Behaviour 11.108.01 Financial Management
11.103.02 Management Accounting 11.109.01 Human Resource Management
11.104.01 Managerial Economics 11.111.01 Marketing Management
11.178.01 Business Communication 11.112.01 Management Information Systems
11.111.01 Strategic Management
3rd Semester Specialization subjects  
Code Marketing Code Human Resource
11.113.01 Consumer Behaviour 11.121.01 Personnel Administration
11.114.01 Sales & Distribution Management 11.122.01 HR Development & Training
11.119.01 Services Marketing & Brand Management 11.314.00 Industrial Relations
11.117.01 International Marketing 11.126.01 Performance & Potential Management
11.118.01 Marketing Research 11.316.00 Labour Laws
Code Finance Code Operations
11.129.02 Project Finance 11.137.02 Materials Management
11.130.01 Capital Market  11.319.00 Project Management (Operations)
11.132.01 Financial Institutions & Banking 11.139.01 Techniques for Operations Efficiency
11.131.01 International Finance 11.141.02 Supply Chain Management
11.317.00 Corporate Governance 11.142.02 Quantitative Techniques
Code IT Code Customer Relationship Management
11.160.00 E-Business 11.174.01 Customer Relationship Management
11.287.00 Software Engineering 11.189.00 Advanced CRM
11.288.00 Project Management (IT) 11.199.00 B2B Markets & CRM
11.159.01 Database Management System 11.187.00 Services Marketing
11.156.00 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 11.117.01 International Marketing
Code International Business
11.150.01 International Economics
11.322.00 International Business Management
11.153.01 Exim Policies & Procedures
11.131.01 International Finance
11.317.00 Corporate Governance