This program is designed as an experiential learning activity and concludes with the creation of the project report. The project report enables students to practice such activities as: researching markets for new products / service ideas, producing a business plan with projected financial statements, and identifying resources to implement the plan. Students get familiar with the characteristics and motivation of successful entrepreneurs. Students learn how to identify and refine market opportunities, how to secure financing, how to develop and evaluate business plans and manage strategic partnerships. Students learn various concepts including the basics of management, leadership, motivation, decision making, conflict management, human resource development, marketing and sustaining an organization. Students also get basic knowledge of accounting practices and finance. The core course in Entrepreneurship Development & Management equips students with required skills and knowledge to start and sustain their own business. Students learn additional skills required to transform a business idea into reality and success.
                                                    For Batch 2010-2011
Code 1st Semester
10.101.01 Principles & Practices of Management
10.103.02 Management Accounting
10.110.01 Marketing Management
10.207.01 Entrepreneurship Development & Management
10.112.01 Management Information Systems