Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCW)
  • Encourage learners to articulate in writing what they see themselves, and their relationship with others around them in their immediate environment, in order to nurture an expressive openness.
  • Expose learners to a wide range of life experiences expressed in the written word.
  • Introduce them to the lives and views of well-known writers and media personalities so as to inspire and guide them through examples.
  • Introduce them to the art of book and film review and recall skills.
  • Open new vistas for them in the electronic and print media.
  • Give a vent to their creative thinking and writing.
  • Make them dwell in the realm of imagination and bring out the fascinating insights through writing.
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Code 1st Semester Code 2nd Semester
11.249.00 The Expressive Self 11.252.00 Writing Skills
11.250.00 Experiencing the Word 11.253.00 Review and Recall
11.251.00 Creative Lives 11.254.00 Final Crafting
11.273.00 Submission - I 11.274.00 Submission - II