Diploma in Teaching English (DTE)
The Faculty of Education is launching a program in ‘Diploma in Teaching English’ from July 2011. This program will develop proficiency in the method of teaching English at primary and secondary school levels. Besides teaching the methodology, the program also aims at developing reading skills, writing skills and English language vocabulary. Individuals can avail the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the subject and upgrade their skills of teaching English. 
The program is designed to bridge the gap in theory and practice of methodology of teaching English. Prospective teachers will find that the program greatly focuses on the various aspects of teaching of English at length.

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Code 1st Semester Code 2nd Semester
11.326.00 Introduction to the Study of English Language 11.332.00 A Study in English Grammar
11.327.00 Structure of English Language 11.329.00 Teaching English at Primary/Secondary/ Higher Sec/UG level
11.328.00 Instructional Methodologies of English Language 11.330.00 Teaching and Learning of English through Constructivism
11.331.00 Submission: Report Writing 11.366.00  Resource File and Practice Lessons