Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration (PGDEA)

The program will give a thorough knowledge of the functioning of institutions, their administration and also the overall management. The program focuses on skills in human relationship, problem solving and conflict resolution including crisis management, community relationship and community cooperation. Some of the other topics are information technology and its application in educational administration, evaluation methodology including performance evaluation of educational institutions, professional development of self and other staff of the institution, both teaching and non-teaching and educational research

Code1st SemesterCode2nd Semester
11.203.00Educational Psychology11.228.00Educational Administration
11.225.00Foundations of Education11.229.00Infrastructure and Resource Management
11.226.00Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Education11.230.00Current Trends in Education
11.227.00Legal Aspects of Educational Administration-I11.231.00Financial Management in Education
Code3rd SemesterCode4th Semester
11.232.00Educational Evaluation11.236.00Value Education
11.233.00Quality Concerns in Education11.237.00Community Development and Education
11.234.00Legal Aspects of Educational Administration - II11.238.00Research Methodology in Education
11.235.00Guidance & Counselling in Education