POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN TECHNICAL WRITING (PGDTW)

This program aims at acquainting and preparing the learners for the theoretical and practical aspects of Technical Writing which is gaining a strong hold in today's competitive market. The program focuses on producing competent technical communicators who would prove to be proactive and responsible for working in every level of profession. This program even aims at developing creativity, eye for detail and time and process discipline among the students as per the need of the industry.

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Code 1st Semester Code 2nd Semester
11.300.00 Introduction to Technical Communication 11.305.00 Technical Communication Software Tools
11.301.00 Information Development Life Cycle - I 11.306.00 Advanced Concept in Technical Communication
11.302.00 Information Development Life Cycle - II 11.307.00 Technical Communication Project Management
11.303.00 Technical Writing Style & Editing 11.101.01 Principles and Practices of Management
11.304.00 English Grammar 11.308.00 Case Study in Technical Communication