In recent years, there is an increasing demand for qualified personnel to work with young children, in pre-primary schools. Not all pre-primary schools, however, are run by trained teachers who know how to best facilitate learning in young children. This program is designed to reduce the gap between the available and demanded competencies in this field. It equips teachers with the knowledge of various teaching aids and classroom management. The practice teaching session gives them practical exposure. 

This program is not only meant for candidates who aspire to teach at the Pre-Primary level, but also for in-service teachers in this profession who want to upgrade their skills and qualification. Knowledge of various aspects of child education is also perfect for mothers who want to teach their children at home. It gives a direction to those who would like to open a pre-primary school. This program aims to prepare individuals to: 

  • Understand the needs and cognitive development of children.
  • Understand Child Psychology, especially that of young children in the age group of 3-6 years who would be stepping out of the familiarity of their homes for the first time.
  • Recognize the healthy physical and mental developmental patterns in a young child.
  • Decode a child's learning style, which is essential for ensuring that what is being taught within the classroom is absorbed by the child with minimum exertion.